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Freight Warehousing

As Houston’s premier freight shipping company, United Freight & Logistics can complete any type of shipment. With our state-of-the-art technology, we can eliminate the worries of daily delivery problems. We can provide hot shot service within one, two or 4-5 hours.

On the management side of the business, United Freight & Logistics takes pride in fast order placement with internet based ordering and delivery tracking. We utilize a complete tracking system for all documents and packages shipped, large or small and can offer tracking information any given point of the delivery. With our internet based billing checkers, you will receive a customized billing with reference and PO number.

Our seasoned staff handles driver management and dispatching in an extremely efficient manner, routing our trucks and trailers for time sensitive and consistent daily tracking and sophisticated order rating. You are guaranteed immediate notification in the event of unforeseen delays.

At United Freight & Logistics, we offer a massive fleet of trailers and trucks for your special shipping needs whether it is a scheduled freight transport or a transport via hot shot service.

We also maintain a fleet of dedicated vehicles with drivers for customers requiring part-time or full-time exclusive use. United Freight & Logistics is here for you – call now!